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we believe in human connections
in serving our mother earth
in serving our humanity


5% of our sales from our indian and tibetan collections goes to the tibetan children's villages

tcv is an educational community in northern india for destitute tibetan children in exile. following the chinese occupation of tibet in 1950 and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s flight to india in 1959, one of the most critical needs of tibetan refugees was finding care for many children. many which had been orphaned or separated from their families during the escape from their homeland. His Holiness proposed that a center for destitute children to be established in dharamsala, that’s when tcv was born. 

the donations goes towards the following:

- the 11 schools they have with over 16,000 children

- old peoples homes

- the dalai lama institute for high education & more..

for more information: http://www.tcv.org.in/

10% of our sales from our ocean baby t-shirts goes to sea shepherd, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization



10% of our sales from our african collections goes to african solidarity, contributing to local economic and social development, promoting solidarity and reconciliation and the protection of the environment in africa